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How big is this page?

The exact size depends on the screen resolution on your PC, but the page is almost 1 mile (1.6 Km) high and 800 feet (250 m) wide.

Is this the largest webpage on the web ?

Yes, it is probably the largest webpage on the internet, and surely the biggest one with a real reason for being so (it has to fit 7 billion people).

How can this page load so fast? I thought it would take ages, crash my browser or something...

There is an extremely small amount of code behind the page.
Considering how big the page is, but also in comparison to a standard webpage on the web, the 7billionworld.com page is - in terms of code - very small indeed (only 13kB), thanks to the use of CSS background properties to reproduce all the "people" on the page.

Visualize it below

Still too big to visualize? Here's an even smaller version of it