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Counting all of us

Just trust that we have displayed all 7,000,000,000 of us on that page and that nobody is missing.
If you wanted to count every person on the page to make sure they are indeed 7 billion, it would take more than 110 years to count them all
(that's assuming you can count fast, at a speed of 2 people per second!).


What's that number displayed when moving the mouse over the people?

It's the count for every person if you start counting from the top left, then move to the right until the end of the row and then continue to the second row. Until the end, at the very bottom right of the screen (be sure to scroll all the way to the right!).


How many people per region are displayed on the page?



Are you rounding up numbers ?

No. When we say one by one we really mean it.
So for example there are exactly 738,356,924 blue persons for Europe on the page.

How many people are there on every row and every column?

There are 40,000 people for every horizontal row, and 175,000 people for every vertical column.
Because the population of each region does not come in nice multiples of 40,000, you will see how the population of one region ends and the next region's population begins in the middle of a single row, precisely counting every single person.